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Classic Graphics Adventure Game for the Whole Family!

Hugo for Windows Take Hugo through an animated "classic" style adventure, solving puzzles, finding hidden objects and outwitting the maniac hosts of the haunted house to rescue Hugo's sweetheart Penelope. Use the intuitive point & click mouse interface to move around and get Hugo to do your bidding. Just look at what's in store: a vicious dog, a mad professor, hidden passages, vampire bats and much more, all in a gloriously colorful animated cartoon style. And that's just the first game! In games two and three, take part in a huge mystery whodunit (with a few surprise twists and plenty of red-herrings) in an English country cottage and race to save Penelope's life after she is bitten by a vicious tree spider in an Amazonian jungle adventure.

The point & click interface is wonderfully easy to use! The name of an object automatically appears under the mouse cursor as you point at something interesting. Left click to walk over and look at it, right click to "use" it. This could mean anything from picking up something to put in your bag, to opening a door, climbing a tree, talking to someone, etc. Once you have picked something up, you can then drag it to another object in your bag or on the screen, to use them both in combination. Use the mouse also to move around on the screen - click somewhere and Hugo will choose a suitable route to walk there. Alternatively, for those that like a challenge, use the command interface by typing simple phrases for Hugo to perform, such as "unlock door", "talk to man", "look in cupboard" etc. and move around using the arrow keys.

The Trilogy includes all three episodes and the 30-page hint/answer book which gives the answers to all the puzzles in all the games. The Windows version retains the command line interface or the original DOS version, while adding a new point & click mouse interface, MIDI background music and digital sound effects (with a sound card), full online help and puzzle hints. The toolbar gives access to common functions such as the inventory, save and restore games, music and sound effects, help, "turbo" button and room descriptions.


The first four screen shots are from game one, Hugo's Horrific Adventure. Clockwise from top left we see the opening screen where Hugo arrives at the house where his sweetheart Penelope was last seen entering on a babysitting assignment. Alas the door is locked, nobody is answering and he is wondering how on earth he can get inside. Aha! Once through the front door he arrives in the hall to see the mad professor Dr. Hamerstein heading for his laboratory upstairs. Hugo decides to scout around before following him. In the third shot Hugo is about to tangle with a particularly nasty pooch. Is it curtains for our hero or does he have the wherewithal to deal with it? Finally Hugo finds himself in a room full of hungry monsters plus one pesky butler that just won't leave him alone. Will he get the chop or can Hugo turn this seemingly hopeless situation to his advantage?

The second four screen shots are from games two and three. The two top screens are from Hugo's Mystery Adventure in which Hugo and Penelope get swept up in a murder whodunit in the quiet charm of the English countryside when they visit the cottage of Hugo's Great Uncle Horace (top left). Next to it we see Penelope thoughtfully staring at two iron gates with no sign of a lock or any way to open them. The good news is that she has worked out that they are electric gates and the way to open them lies inside the gardener's shed. The bad news is that the gardener appears to have designs on poor Penelope who must deal with him first. Harder and much more extensive than game one, it abounds with red-herrings and tricky puzzles as you work your way around (and under) the grounds of the cottage to the final startling revelation of the murderer's identity.

The two bottom shots are from the final game, Hugo's Amazon Adventure. After making a crash landing in the Amazon jungle, Penelope gets bitten by a dreaded tree spider. A handy native girl is on hand to tell Hugo that the antidote can be found at the secret "Pool of Life". In the left hand shot Hugo first encounters a rather docile-looking elephant. What he doesn't realize at this point is that the Elephant will turn out to be a crucial element around which the whole game revolves. Finally we see Hugo trying to barter with some friendly natives who have resigned themselves to eating roast hyena for supper yet again. The hut on the right belongs to the local Witch Doctor who turns out to be anything but friendly...

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Download: The Hugo Trilogy download contains both the Windows and original DOS versions of all three episodes plus the on-screen viewable 30-page hint/answer book in Adobe PDF format.

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System Requirements:
  • Runs directly on 32-bit editions of Windows 95 and later
    Please note: the game will not run natively on 64-bit editions of Windows - but works fine on that and other platforms using ScummVM, which you can download from
  • Any graphics card, including on-board.
  • Any sound capability.
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